Our puppies are carefully raised to be super achievers and companions.
We start by choosing healthy parents that have proved themselves to be worthy of reproducing.  Since my
favorite activities all involve performance I want dogs that are easy to live with, that handle stress and change,
but still have the drives and temperament needed for performance.  

Soundness of mind and body is very important.  
With this in mind when puppies are born, Early Neurological Stimulation is started immediately.  

By the time our puppies are seven weeks old and ready for puppy aptitude testing they have had many
experiences.  We do not isolate our puppies.  It truely takes a village to raise a healthy well socialized Doberman
litter.  We invite friends and family with well behaved children to come play and help us introduce puppies to all
kinds of new experiences which include making sure each puppy has experienced the "Rule of Seven"  
Located in Upstate South Carolina
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