Ch Scotsbrae's Wrangler UDT ROM
Ch Boo Radley Dobman x Ch
Scotsbrae's Fallen Angel TD ROM
bred and owned by Jeanne Ratliff
Kachina's Triple Crown CD
Ch Kachina's High Chaparrell
Ch Kachina's Cherokee Rose
bred by Connie Alexander
The foundation
"The Present is the living sum-total of the whole past"   
from Carlyle, Essays:Character

Pictured here are some of our favorite dogs from the past
D'Aker's Lady Montague UD  
Ch Teraden's Romeo UDT
Koven's Faith
owned by Beth Patterson
Scotsbrae's Sparkling Spirit UDT
My first UDT!
BluMont Rejoicing Revelry UD
Ch Scotsbrae Wrangler UDT ROM
D'Aker's Lady Montague UD
Bred and owned by Beth Patterson
My soul mate.